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Ideas for a Themed White Elephant Party - Part One

One fun way to make your white elephant party even more interesting is to give it a theme. When you have a theme to go by, it ups the ante on the game and you have some guidance to come up with the best white elephant gifts ever.

With a themed white elephant party, all gifts must relate to the chosen theme. There is no limit on themes except your imagination! Themes can be fun, challenging, silly, seasonal, naughty (adults only!), or anything else you can come up with that is appropriate for your participants. Obviously, a group of people who work together in a hip marketing agency or in a hospital department are going to have different ideal themes to play with than a school class or a group of seniors!

Theme Ideas

Here are some ideas for white elephant themes you could be inspired by:

  • Homemade Gifts Only – each and every gift must be made by the giver. This could be anything from homemade cookies in a jar to a hand-knitted scarf to a candy bouquet to a homemade candle or jam, or anything else you can think of and are capable of producing.
  • Books – this is a great idea for a book club, class group, or any other party group where a book is an appropriate gift. You can even specify the theme even further, perhaps stipulating recipe books, coffee table books, beach reads, chick-lit, or something funny like “revolting recipes” (some vintage recipe books easily fall into this category!).
  • Tacky Gifts – the sky is the limit – simply set a price limit or range and stipulate that the gift needs to be tacky. You’ll be amazed at what some people will come up with!
  • $10 or Under – every gift has an upper price limit of no more than $10. Sound challenging? It’s not! Just visit White Elephant Gift to find a plethora of gifts valued and priced below this limit!
  • Ornaments – get everyone to bring the tackiest Christmas ornament they can find! Or make it a snow globe swap. Get everyone to wear an ugly Christmas sweater and play carols throughout the party.
  • Kitchen Gifts – think food, recipe books, magnets for your refrigerator, gadgets, and decor – anything that fits a kitchen theme.
  • Games – board games and card-based games are always fun and there are games to suit every demographic. From traditional games like Yahtzee and Scrabble to card games like Old Maid or Canasta, to adults-only games – this is great fun and you can play some at the party after the gift exchange has taken place!
  • Stinky Gifts – this can be good for a group of women, and there are plenty of elephant gifts for her that work well in this category. Think along the lines of scented candles, soaps, lotions, aromatic diffusers, and the like. To make it funny, it could be stinky gag gifts – like “the cheapest perfume you can find”!

As you can see, there is no limit to theme ideas except for your imagination!

Come back next week for more themed great white elephant gift ideas and know that with White Elephant Gift, you are guaranteed of finding the perfect gift!